Brand Proposal.



Inlet Drive Residence

PTX Architects designs and delivers architecture – including houses, public buildings and community facilities – in Albany and Denmark, and the Great Southern region of Western Australia.


Timeless, welcoming & clean

Timelessness can be achieved by using negative space and balance. The different elements can be placed to compliment each other. A welcoming vibe will be created through use of a light, warm neutral and grey colour palette. Accents of native Australian foliage greens will give the site contrast and tie in with the landscape. A clean, sophisticated look comes from creating a modern layout that is new and fresh.


Aligning the PTX brand with its core values.

This can be achieved visually by introducing warmer neutrals, rather than black and white. Taking colour cues from the landscape creates a sense of place. We will use photographs with textural elements and tones. Introduce pattern and repetition. Include imagery of the surrounding areas such as drone footage demonstrating a link to the land. Aboriginal place names can be included to show your respect to traditional owners.

Inlet Drive Residence

Using descriptions of photos in a smaller caption font will make the website feel like a high end print magazine.

video & animation

To enrich the user experience, we would like to consider some animated elements, videos drone footage or interactive maps with buttons which would link to your project.


Subtle texture and pattern would be used throughout the brand to tie in with projects and create approachability and warmth. If a particular pattern was used on a project, an explanation could be given about why and how it has been used.

attention to detail

A minimalist print inspired format for certain areas of the website would make the website feel designer. Including elements such as fine lines and captions.


A colour palette using off-white, light grey, beige and native Australian foliage tones would be used through the website, the photographs and branding collateral. The darker colours would be used minimally as accent colours.

Off White







1957, Max Miedinger, Haas Type Foundry

brand notes

This branding concept for PTX Architects was designed with two overarching thoughts in mind.

The first was to visually connect to the brands core values which include; being authentic and finding a connection with people and places. Harmonising with the land and being sustainable. Being forward thinkers, providing modern architecture without falling victim to temporary trends. Being sophisticated yet approachable and warm.

The second is an intention to increase visibility, providing a platform for PTX to showcase designs in a modern and interesting way. Having a professional website and logo is very important. It shows that you have invested time and energy into your own business as well as the work that is put in to your product.

We feel the logo should be simple and understated to stand the test of time. We selected a font that has represented many big brands for many years. The word Architect was placed off centre to symbolise balance, with the tag line below. The initials PTX are bold to be visible on plans.

Multiple versions of the logo can be used depending on the environment. Versions for invoices and letterheads, social media, advertising and other uses can be created to tie in with the primary logo.

The colour palette reflects the landscape around us, and tones have been taken from photos of plants seen around the Great Southern. The colours can be changed over time if needed and will be used minimally throughout the site.


The vision for PTX includes a minimalist, lo-fi layout for printed collateral such as plans, letters, and other stationery. The 1pt fine line from the logo can be repeated and used creatively where needed. Interesting spacing for footers on letters or on plans for contact details can be used to mimic the off-centre logo placement. The font, Helvetica Neue is also able to be used as body text for the website, letters and invoices, which makes things simple and consistent.