A non-refundable 30% retainer of the total fee payable in our quote is due immediately upon the Client instructing us to proceed with graphic design, website design, photography or videography. The remaining 70% shall become due when the work is completed. We reserve the right not to commence any work until the retainer has been paid in full.

By accepting a quote and paying the retainer, you agree to and accept the terms and conditions of Holii & Ash Branding Studio.

The retainer is only refundable if we have not yet started on the work before cancellation is requested.


Clients must ensure that we have included all requirements in our written packages/quotes and that they have fully explained their requirements to us. Clients must provide us with clear guidelines including specific aesthetic preferences, website structure and functionality. When such details are not provided, we will proceed with our understanding of the requirements and quote accordingly. If additional work outside the scope of the quote is requested we may increase the quote to reflect the additions. However, we will advise the Clients of any increases to the quote before going ahead with the additional work.


We accept cancellation of work at any time if work has not begun. If work has already begun we will accept cancellation minus the retainer. The Client will also be charged at a rate of $100 per hour for the work we have done beyond the amount covered by the retainer, whether it is complete or not.

Any costs that we have incurred on the Clients behalf such as website hosting, domain names or templates will be payable by the Client and invoiced accordingly upon cancellation.

A request to terminate the services must be provided in writing, at which point a termination process will begin. Holii & Ash will provide the Clients with an invoice for any outstanding work and inform the Clients of any copyright issues.

In the event of termination Holii & Ash are not required to provide any of the design material and retain full copyright ownership of the designs, photographs and video provided. Holii & Ash reserve the right to remove any website, design, photographs or video provided unless full payment of the agreed upon quote has been made.


Final payment is required once the Client is satisfied with the work, prior to delivery of the final files or the launch of website.


Holii & Ash reserve copyright on all designs for its lifetime. Upon final payment of all outstanding invoices, a commercial license is granted which permits the client to display the end product in any manner they wish.

Clients are required to purchase their own licenses for any typefaces used in the end product directly from the type foundry. Holii & Ash Branding Studio will not be liable for any infringements resulting from the Client failing to purchase a license.

We do not provide working files such as Adobe files. Files delivered for Graphic Design are limited to JPEG, PNG, EPS or PDF. We reserve the right to publish the work we do for our Clients on our website, social media, in print and for any other marketing purpose.

Any images supplied by Holii & Ash remain our property and are protected by Australian Copyright laws. A selection of photos and video are available for purchase as an additional, optional extra. We are also available for hire commercially for photography and videography. We do not provide raw, unedited photos or video.

“Website design by Holii & Ash” with a back link to our website must be displayed in the copyright area of the Clients website for 24 months from the time of launch unless otherwise agreed.

Infringement of Australian Copyright laws will be viewed very seriously and measures will be taken to persecute offenders to the full extent of the law.


We do accept payment plans, and are happy to tailor a plan to suit the Clients needs. Payments must be made by the agreed dates and a deposit must be made upfront to commence work. Payment plans will be assessed on a case by case basis and we reserve the right to refuse to offer a payment plan.


We do not accept refunds of any kind for design, website, photography or videography services. Clients must agree to pay in full for all services completed by Holii & Ash before accepting the quote.


Prior to engaging our services, we ask that Clients please look through the portfolio on this website and assess whether our previous work meets the expectations of the Client.

Holii and Ash Branding Studio reserves the right to refuse to design work that does not resemble the work we have displayed on this website. We reserve the right to terminate the work at any time should the Client fail to respond to design proposals within a timely manner, act in a hostile manner or fail to pay invoices within the due date. If Holii and Ash choose to terminate the work, the Client will be invoiced for all work and costs incurred up until the point of termination.


We always aim to provide work within a timely manner, however should unforseen events including but not limited to Force Majure events, the Covid-19 pandemic, Government lockdowns or school closures impact the delivery of the Clients work we reserve the right to place a temporary hold on the work within reason. We will do our best to communicate this with you as soon as possible.

Last updated Jan 2021.